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Removals in Braintree | Ideas for Packing

Many of our Braintree clients decide they want to purely use our removal company for the move itself, and not our pre-move packaging service. While we would draw attention to the discretion and professionalism in which we pack items during removals or an office / house clearance, we fully understand that some people aren’t comfortable with removal companies directly handling their possessions.


If you do decide to pack your own items before Wills Removals arrives, there’s a few ways we can help you. Firstly, we can supply all the required materials that will help you properly package your stuff, from packaging tape to bubble wrap and everything in between. Secondly, we can provide helpful advice on how to properly pack. On this page, we’ve listed a few simple rules to help our self-packing Braintree clients. Some may seem obvious, others perhaps not so much. But if you follow them before our removal company turns up to carry out an office or house clearance, you’ll be a step closer to packing like professional removal companies!

How to Pack Like Removal Companies

  • Be liberal when requesting or purchasing packing supplies. Office and house clearances require a surprising amount of boxes, tape, bubble wrap, paper etc. Ensure you’re well stocked up and won’t run out on the last few boxes. If you’re in Braintree and unsure what constitutes a healthy amount of materials, Wills Removals will be able to help. Give us a call today to discuss your situation – we’re always willing to go above and beyond what’s expected of removal companies.
  • Don’t pack a box with over 30lbs of contents. Not only will the box be more likely to fail and scatter your belongings on the floor, but they’ll be more dangerous to move. We don’t want your or our team to pull a muscle or worse...we’ve heard of some nasty spills that have occurred in Braintree and its surrounds!
  • Removal companies ensure all empty gaps in boxes are filled up with old newspaper, packing paper or anything else that is suitable for the job. Braintree clients should do the same, to ensure their items don’t move around in transit.
  • Another rule that any decent removal company will live by is “the heavier an item is, the smaller its box should be”. An equally important rule is to use more heavy duty boxes to package weighty items.
  • After a Braintree office or house clearance has been completed, you’re going to want to be able to speedily and efficiently unpack and relocate your possessions. This is difficult if you don’t know where anything is. Label your boxes to ensure that this process isn’t frustrating and slow!

Need more advice on packing your items before our removal company turns up to your Braintree property? Call Wills Removals on 01376 502 982.

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