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Office & House Clearance Services from Your Local Removal Company in Chelmsford | Wills Removals

Some home and business owners around Chelmsford may be tempted to handle a house clearance or property move on a DIY basis. While this is certainly an option, there are a number of reasons why choosing removal companies to help pays off. On this page, the team at Wills Removals, the Chelmsford area’s best-loved removal company, have run through just a few of said reasons.

Why Choose a Professional Removal Company for Your Move?

Cost Efficiency – Whether you’re moving just a few roads down or from Chelmsford to an entirely new town altogether, there are a number of associated costs to keep in mind when planning a house clearance or move - which often well-exceed the value provided by removal companies. Firstly, you will likely need to hire a van that will be allow you to safely move all of your belongings in one or close to one journeys. This can prove fairly expensive, and you don’t get the added man power and professional assistance offered by a removal company, which drives the van for you.


Secondly, if the move is fairly long-distance, you’ll have to think about how much petrol you’ll use. Most rental vans have a policy of “put back what you use” when it comes to fuel usage. Removal companies don’t, it’s all included in the price. Finally, if you need to take a full day off work to ferry your belongings to your new place of residence or office property, think about the potential loss of earnings associated. This is especially true if you’re planning a DIY house clearance, they often run into multiple days! Allow our Chelmsford removal company to save you a few pounds during your house clearance.


Time Savings – Packing up all your belongings, moving them into your vehicle, driving to your new property and then unloading everything on the other side can take a serious amount of time. Not only does time cost money, as we mention above, but it can be better used. Whether it’s working on a personal project, spending time with the family, managing other aspects of your move or working a few extra important hours – why allow a move to eat into your all-important time? Get a removal company to handle your house clearance or move instead! We’ll handle everything from the packing to the journey itself, and all the heavy lifting in-between.


Peace of Mind - Quality removal companies, like Wills Removals near Chelmsford, are both insured and incredibly good at what they do. This means we’ll get your cherished possessions where they need to be on time and in perfect condition. Many amateur removals end up in tears, when items are incorrectly packed and damaged or lost in transit. When you choose a professional removal company you know that everything will be packed, loaded and transported in the proper way. You can’t put a price on peace of mind! The Wills Removals team provides advice and assistance at every step of the way to ensure our Chelmsford clients are 100% satisfied and stress-free throughout the process.

Need more advice on packing your items before our removal company turns up to your Braintree property for a house clearance? Call Wills Removals on 01376 502 982.

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