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Every Braintree client selecting us as their removal company of choice has two options: self-pack, with quality packing materials that we can supply, or our in-house packing service. So why do some removal companies – such as Wills Removals in Witham – offer the choice? Well, the former is ideal if you wish to take your time, and handle packing over an extended period of time, marching to the beat of your own drum so to speak. The latter is perfect as part of a house clearance, or when you don’t have the time to pack due to a busy schedule.

Whichever option you select, you’ll receive the same outstanding quality of service that makes Wills Removals the go-to, not just in the immediate Braintree area, but throughout wider Essex. And keep in mind that we travel to anywhere in the UK upon request, should you be moving much further afield. If we pack on your behalf, we will be discreet and professional, ensuring your personal possessions are handled with complete respect.

But what if you aren’t comfortable with removal companies packing your possessions? We totally understand this is a concern for some persons that transcends the reputation of a specific removal company. For the benefit of these clients, below we’ve looked to provide tips on how you can pack professionally, like a bona fide removal company or house clearance specialist. Require further, tailored advice? Call our team today on 01376 502 982. All advice is non-obligation, as are our distinctly competitive quotes on house clearance and removals services.

Professional Packing Tips for Braintree Clients

  • When requesting packing supplies from us, or going to purchase them yourselves, be liberal in the quantity you ask for or purchase. You’ll be surprised how much paper, wrapping, boxes and tape you go through packing, even when just moving from a small Braintree flat or office. Running out can set the entire process back a while.In terms of quality, there’s not much to say – most bubble wrap, wrapping paper, boxes and tape are of a similar standard, but beware anything that looks overly cheap or flimsy.
  • Overloading is a major concern, so don’t place more than 30lbs in a box. Around this point, the chances it will split are greatly increased. Fragile belongings could break, and less fragile ones could fall onto toes and cause injury. Heavy boxes has also caused injury to many staff at removal companies like ours near Braintree, including strains. So keep it fairly light and then move onto the next box for the good of people and property.
  • Any gaps in boxes should be filled with packing paper, old newspaper or wrapping. This will help safeguard their contents and make them easier/less risky to lift.
  • To put a removal company mantra forward: “heavy item = small box”. You don’t want to spread its weight across a large surface areas, as this will increase the likelihood of it falling through or splitting the box. The quality of the box is also important here. Choose something heavy duty (please request these should you require them).
  • Following a house clearance and your arrival at your new property, you’ll want to fairly quickly get the unpacking going and establish your new home! Carefully labelling boxes ensures you can approach this process efficiently, and with an order of priority.

Have a question regarding the house clearance services that Wills Removals offer to the Braintree area? Call our friendly team on 01376 502 982.

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