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Wills Removals offers two ways of assisting you prior to the move itself: 1) we can provide materials if you’d like to pack your own belongings, or 2) we can handle the packing on your behalf. The latter is ideal for Kelvedon residents who have busy schedules and want to ensure everything is packed on time, to a professional standard. The former is ideal for those who don’t like the idea of removal companies organising their belongings; even a reputable removal company like ours!

So for residents of Kelvedon and wider Essex who choose to handle their house clearance and packing on a D.I.Y basis, we’ve here looked to provide some handy packing “hacks”. They aim to make packing easier and more effective by improving organisation and reducing chance of breakages in transit. To discuss removals in more detail with the seasoned staff at our removal company, pick up the phone and call 01376 502 982.

DIY Packing Hacks for a House Clearance in Kelvedon

  • A major annoyance when packing jewellery is the fact necklaces can get entangled and take an age to untangle. A way removal companies get round this is by using sheets of plastic wrap to separately pack them.
  • Another hack on the jewellery front, consider using a pillbox to store rings and earrings. Many Kelvedon residents will know the pain of losing one of a set, and obviously during packing and removals the risk of this can be higher than when walking about on the day to day, if under prepared or reckless in your processes.
  • Rolling clothes can save space compared with folding them; it’s also just as quick so won’t slow your house clearance down.
  • 4. Concerned that toiletries might leak or spill during transit? One removal company pro tip is to place plastic wrap over the neck of the bottle before putting the cap back on.
  • Heavy items making the move? The smaller the box the better. A large box will spread its support across to large a surface area, and you risk the item falling through it. Not only could this damage the item, but it could mean a nasty injury for those carrying it!
  • Preparing for a house clearance? Ease up on the grocery shopping and get through whatever you have in the fridge and pantry. It might require some inventive cooking, but it will mean much less to pack and take with you.
  • A suitcase is the ideal storage for books. So if you have a collection you’re moving to a new property in or outside of Kelvedon, consider this handy technique.

For further advice, tailored to your individual situation, call Wills Removals – the Kelvedon area’s first choice amongst removal companies for both office and house clearance – on 01376 502 982.

Wills Removals provides a full range of office and house clearance services throughout Kelvedon, Essex and the wider UK.

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