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There are a few items and possessions that every Maldon property will have in abundance; for example, plates. It stands to reason, then, that seasoned removal companies like ours will know exactly how to ensure they safely reach their next destination in one piece. And that’s certainly the case, despite the fact they are one of the more brittle items that a removal company has to transport, and poor examples of removal companies are renowned for breaking them.

Now if you’ve read across our website and learned about the removals, house clearances and office clearances that we offer our clients in Maldon and Essex, you’ll know that we offer two different options: we pack your items up for you, or we provide the materials to do it yourself. Which you use is completely down to you. Some clients love the freedom of self-packing, while others are time starved and can do with the helping hand.

Should you decide that you’ll simply use a removal company for the journey itself, and not a house clearance or the packing service it offers, then it’s important you take care to ensure fragile items such as plates are protected. So below, for the benefit of our Maldon clients, we’ve provided some tips in this area. Still struggling to decide between removal companies? Give us a call for advice, and ask us a few questions. Our quotes are competitive and no obligation!

Safely Packing Plates Like a Professional Removal Company

  • First things first, place a piece of packing paper on a solid and flat surface. The floor, or a table, are both ideal.
  • Begin with your largest plate, and place it on the paper.
  • Carefully fold its edges around the plate. Those who are a dab hand at Christmas present wrapping will excel here!
  • Choose an appropriately sized box and place it inside vertically (as opposed to stacking them flat).
  • Repeat the previous steps, working down from largest plates to smallest.
  • Once the box is full, check for small gaps and fill them with packing paper.
  • Seal the box and label it to ensure easy unpacking once you reach your end destination.

Should you initially decide to handle the packing side of removals yourself, but change your mind – don’t worry. As Maldon and Essex’s trusted local removal company, we’re happy to take over. After all, the end result is to make house clearance and moving property a stress-free and perhaps even, dare we say it, enjoyable experience!

To learn more about the house clearance and removals services we offer, contact our friendly team on 01376 502 982. We’re based a short drive from Maldon in nearby Witham.

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