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With a number of removal companies offering Essex-wide or UK-wide coverage, how do you go about selecting one if you’re due to make the move into, within, or out of the Colchester area? Not every removal company offers the same standard of service, after all. On this page, Wills Removals, a renowned removal company providing both office and house clearance services within the Colchester area, looks to answer this question. We do this because we want to back up our claims, and not merely parrot the same old taglines about being the best of the best, or other such generalities.

How to Find the Right Removal Company

Discuss Your Needs – To quickly narrow down your shortlist, we’d recommend getting on the phone and asking removal companies how they can help you with your particular requirements. It might be that they don’t travel to the location you’re headed, or only carry out office and house clearances between certain hours that aren’t doable for you. At Wills Removals – covering Colchester and all surrounding areas –we offer nationwide coverage and are hard at work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! So with a removal company like ours, you needn’t worry about this.

Get a Quote – Affordability is important, especially as moving home can prove somewhat expensive (mainly in a short term hit relating to agents’ fees, and similar costs). Get a quote from a removal company like ours – which we guarantee to be highly competitive amongst both Colchester removal companies and those located outside the local area – so you can shop around and ensure you’re getting great value for money on your office or house clearance. On that note, never take the first quote offered to you – it’s important to have something to compared it to, whether that be favourably or unfavourably.

Consider Reputation – Ask friends and family or browse online to get the opinions of those who’ve used a particular removal company; don’t, and this is crucial, act as soon as you get a quote. Believe us when we say some are simply good to be true. So how are certain removal companies able to offer unbelievably cheap prices on office and house clearance? By employing inexperienced or unscrupulous staff who are likely to poorly prepare your belongings, or damage/break them due to reckless behaviour.

These same companies are also likely to then try and charge you extra at the end of the job, or simply not pull through on time; and removals that turn up late or aren’t thorough in their work can cause a complete headache – the last thing you need in an already stressful time is a box not showing up, or showing up in tatters. So if you want to get a fantastic standard of office or house clearance, at a price that won’t break the bank, and expert advice from first point of contact till you’re happy and cosy in your new place of residence (whether in Colchester or anywhere else in the UK), give Wills Removals a call.

Wills Removals can be contacted on 01376 502 982. We provide a full range of office and house clearance services in and around Colchester, and the wider UK.

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