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Not all removal companies are created equal: some provide a far higher standard of service than others. At Wills Removals, based in Witham, we take great efforts to ensure that our office and house clearance services, and removals themselves, are delivered to an exceptional standard that surpasses that of competitors. As a dedicated removal company, we go above and beyond what a man and van can provide, tailoring our services to each individual client. Wherever you’re moving to, and whatever you are moving, we’ll ensure the process is simple and stress-free.

But for certain types of clients, moving can present more challenges than others; persons with young children and the elderly, for example. With the latter demographic, and especially when concerns surrounding mobility and preparation prior to removals are concerned, it’s important you find the right removal company that will take all this into consideration, providing a bespoke service.

Careful Planning

One way that a removal company can look after senior clients is by carefully organising the move ahead of time. From identifying how much packing material will be required, to handling the packing itself to take a lot of the physical and mental burden off clients’ shoulders – our aim is to provide reassurance and ultimately, peace of mind. If you’re an elderly person gearing up for a move within or out of the Witham area, contact us for advice and we’ll ensure the removal is perfectly planned, so it goes smoothly at all points and never proves overwhelming.

Getting Involved

Many Witham residents who decide to move later in life struggle with saying goodbye to their property; it’s full of memories and history, after all. But getting involved in a house clearance is a great way to start penning the final lines in the last chapter, and to begin writing the next. A busy mind is one distracted from any rumination on a move, and our removal company can keep you involved from first point of contact, until we’re driving away and you’re happily stationed in your new residence.

Having Friends Help Out

Removal companies will certainly not request friends and family of elderly residents to assist in removals themselves; however, we do urge them to provide emotional support during the process, perhaps by sitting with them while our team get to work on a house clearance or simply loading up the van. For while we take every effort to ensure that our work is carried out respectfully and with care, it’s still a big day that can come with its own stresses and anxieties. But know our team are hand selected not just for their professional prowess, but their friendly dispositions and attitudes – which we want to reflect the way we do things at Wills Removals in Witham.

Unloading & New Layouts

Some other ideas for easing the transition from one property to another for an elderly person, include printing out the layout of old rooms so we can place furniture inside in a similar design; this can instantly make a new home feel familiar. Also, the careful labelling of boxes, either by our team or those helping with packing can ensure must have or reassuring possessions are unpacked first.

For more advice or to discuss how our Witham removal company can assist with house clearance for the elderly and vulnerable, call 01376 502 982 today.

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