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Make Your Move a Successful One With Our Removal Company in Great Notley | Wills Removals

The reputation that moving holds in popular consciousness is legendary, and the thought of packing and setting sail for a new residential or commercial property brings to mind stress, panic and expense! But for those who are gearing up for an office or house clearance in the Great Notley area, it needn’t be such a challenging situation, especially when you enlist a removal company like ours to carry it out for you… And what’s more, before an office or house clearance even occurs, prior to when removal companies so much as show up, there are ways to get organised and streamline the process.

That’s the subject of this page: getting yourself in order prior to a move into or out of the Great Notley area. For further advice, tailored to your situation, or to book in a house clearance – call our team on 01376 502 982.

Proper Preparation & Planning – Gearing up for a Move

Take Proper Notes – There’s a lot of info surrounding removals: contacts for removal companies, energy supplier details so you can make a clean switch, estate agents’ details, surveyors, solicitors, and perhaps a local take away if you’d rather not instantly get to cooking upon arrival! Great Notley clients who ensure they have all these contacts accurately noted down and close to hand ensure they’re well-prepared and can deal with any surprises without event.

Have a Clear-out – One thing removal companies invariably recommend prior to a move is a deep and meticulous clear out. After all, why spend the time and effort packing up, transporting, unpacking and sorting items that a) won’t get any use, or b) will quite quickly find themselves in the rubbish? Many Great Notley residents have minor hoarding tendencies; it’s totally understandable as certain items feel like they “may one day come in handy” or see the light of day again. But try and be strict and think whether that really will be the case…This approach will save space and make forsubstantial cost savings.

Don’t Leave it to the Last Minute – Our removal company offers two options to Great Notley clients when it comes to packing: we supply you the materials should you wish to do it yourself, or we can pack on your behalf as part of an office or house clearance. If you opt for the former, give yourself plenty of time. This way you can be slow and methodical, and things will be well organised and carefully packed to reduce chance of damage during transit. In the case of the latter, well you needn’t worry! But do ensure you give removal companies notice: we require booking in advance and can’t always drop everything to carry out removals or a house clearance, even in an area as close by as Great Notley.

To book in with Wills Removals, the Great Notley area’s first choice for office and house clearance services, pick up the phone and call 01376 502 982.

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