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Our removal company is always visiting Tiptree to facilitate residential and commercial moves, in part due to our reputation throughout the Essex area, and in part due to our close proximity stationed in nearby Witham. So if you’re Tiptree based and preparing for a change in home or premises, consider giving us a call. Whatever the size of the job, and wherever the destination you’re moving to (we provide UK-wide coverage), we’ll ensure you get a tailored removals service that takes the stress and financial sting of the process!

One important aspect that should never be neglected by removal companies (when carrying out a house clearance or packing on behalf of a client), or the clients themselves (when handling packing on a DIY basis), is labelling boxes and other forms of storage. So below we’ve provided a few different systems that can lead to easy and effective organisation. But a quick word first, on why it’s important for Tiptree clients – and the removal companies that serve them – to be meticulous in their approach to sorting/labelling…

When reaching your destination with all possessions unpacked into the property, you’re going to want to be able to settle in quickly and feel at home. If you have a random selection of boxes, it’s very much a lottery! The packing might be chaotic and you’ll find essential items late in the day, leading to easily avoidable frustration. Clear labelling and organisation bypasses all this…

Types of Labelling

Colour Coding – Choose a colour for a category, and label these boxes with a bright coloured pen. Kitchenware could be red, while bathroom toiletries could be blue; or perhaps you could have a priority system in which important items that all Tiptree residents will get best use out of are coloured green, with less urgent items yellow, and the bottom of the priority pile items in red. You could also use different coloured tape for an even smoother house clearance.

By Room – Simply mark boxes of possessions with the room in which they’ll feature. This is also a very effective way for removal companies to approach house clearance. When bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom is written in bold letters on the side of a box – there can be little mistaking what’s in it! This is especially suited to smaller house clearances and removals.

Numbering – It’s rarer for our removal company to encounter clients who favour numbering; when this is the approach taken, it’s usually because the client has an incredibly carefully laid out and meticulous way they want to unpack, corresponding with the flooring plan of their new Tiptree property. Numbers might correspond to particular floor space, cabinets, drawers or rooms – it’s really a custom system that looks to meet an individuals’ vision of their new property’s layout.

By Item – A box marked “books” instantly lets you know what’s going to be inside, in a way that colour coding or room labelling cannot. If you’re more comfortable thinking in these kind of specific terms, as opposed to more general terms, it’s a totally respectable way to approach house clearance or removals. In fact, this method can be mixed in with room labelling or colour coding to provide an extra level of specificity, and to further streamline the unpacking process.

Want further advice on organising and packing belongings prior to a move? Call Wills Removals – first choice for office and house clearance in Tiptree – on 01376 502 982

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