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If you’ve found our website in your search for a reliable removal company in Great Notley, the chances are you’re gearing up for a house or office move. These can seem intimidating, and it can be easy to get disorganised before a man and van even turns up at your doorstep. So in this article, we’ve provided some tips on how to stay organised during an office or house clearance.


Already got everything in order? Give us a call on 01376 502 982 (Braintree office) or 01245 409 271 (Chelmsford office). Unlike many removal companies, we offer a true 24/7 service at highly competitive prices, and our experienced team has completed countless office and house clearances, building a reputation as the best in the business.


Preparing for a Stress-free Move


Note Everything Down


There’s quite a bit of different information that you require when moving property. From the contact number for your removal company of choice, to the details of energy providers so that you can both switch off the supply to your old home, and get the supply for your new home set in place. Other important numbers we recommend our Great Notley clients note down include that of your estate agents and solicitors. Also, before a house clearance gets underway, write down info about redirecting your mail, so you don’t miss out on important missives!


Get Rid of Useless Items


One thing most removal companies will recommend Great Notley movers do is collect up all the junk and unused items that really don’t need to be making the trip with you, and dispose of it in a responsible way. Not only will it save you space in your new abode, and reduce the cost of hiring a man and van, it will reduce the time and general stress involved in your move. Be brutal! The singing trout wall ornament from 15 years ago probably should have gone a while ago…


Start Packing Nice and Early


While part of the services Wills Removals offer is packing, many Great Notley clients choose to handle this stage of the process themselves. If you do, make sure to get going nice and early. Packing last minute can be stress-inducing, to put it lightly! Instead, calmly carry out a house clearance well before the man and van turn up at the door. You’ll then have time to figure out what should make the cut, what should be disposed of etc. And also to create a neat, well labelled system so you’ll be able to find things once you get to your destination.


Time to get up and go? Call the Great Notley’s top choice removal company, Wills Removals, at your earliest convenience on 01376 502 982 or 01245 409 271.

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