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If you’ve decided that you’re going to eschew removal companies’ packing services and handle this preparatory stage yourself, then keep in mind there are many ways to optimise the process and make it a simple and easy experience, whether you’re moving or conducting a DIY house clearance. On this page, Wills Removals, a reputable and experienced removal company serving Kelvedon and all surrounding areas, has listed just a few simple “hacks” which we hope will help you pack.


Keep in mind, however, that we offer a packing service and also a full office or house clearance service too. So if packing isn’t quite your thing, there’s nothing to worry about! This versatility is just one of the ways we separate ourselves from competing removal companies around Kelvedon.

Simple, Easy Packing “Hacks” from Kelvedon’s Local Removal Company

  • When packing jewellery, use sheets of plastic wrap to separate necklaces. This will stop them from getting tangled up. Pill boxes can be used to store rings and earrings, which are susceptible to getting lost when packed incorrectly.
  • When packing clothes, roll them up rather than fold them. This can save a lot of space. Keep in mind that, while our Kelvedon removal company is happy to supply you all the packing materials you’ll need for removals or an office / house clearance, linens, blankets and towels can be employed as wrapping and padding should you want to provide items some added protection.
  • Safeguard against a shampoo or body wash bottle spilling in transit by removing its cap and placing plastic wrap over the neck, then securely reattaching the cap.
  • Don’t pack large boxes with heavy items. Professional removal companies know how much structural stress this can cause the box, and to ensure house clearances and similar removals jobs don’t go awry, avoid it like the plague!
  • If possible, slow down on grocery shopping in the run up to the big day. Try and get through your current supplies, as moving them can be an unnecessary hassle!
  • Keen readers of Kelvedon can save their back a fair bit of strain by packing books into a rolling suitcase.


These are just a few tips that our removal company came up with on the spot, in reality, there are many other ways in which removals / house clearance jobs are streamlined and delivered professionally. If you’d rather removal companies do the packing for you, choose Wills Removals! We have a fantastic reputation around Kelvedon for both our high standard of customer service, and our exceptionally competitive prices.

For fast, efficient and affordable house clearance, call the Kelvedon area’s top choice amongst local removal companies – Wills Removals – on 01376 502 982.

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