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Some of the most common items that Wills Removals deals with when working in the Maldon area are plates. All houses have them, and the majority of offices do too. But they’re fairly fragile and amateurish removal companies have been known to break them. Any good removal company will avoid this by packing plates in a very specific way. On this page, the Wills Removals team has run through this method for the benefit of Maldon clients who may want to pack their own belongings before an office or house clearance.

How to Pack Plates like our Removal Company near Maldon

  1. Place a piece of packing paper on a solid, flat surface – preferably a table.
  2. Start with your biggest plate, and put it on the packing paper.
  3. Fold the paper’s edges around your plate, wrapping it like a Christmas present.
  4. Store the wrapped plate on its side within an appropriately sized box. This is because vertically stored plates are less likely to break than those stacked flat.
  5. Continue the aforementioned steps, finishing with your smallest plates.
  6. If there are any gaps in the box, fill them with packing paper.
  7. Close the box, ensure the flaps are secure and label it, so after the office / house clearance is complete you’ll be able to unpack your boxes in the right order.


Remember, if you’d rather have our removal company handle all the packing for you, then we’re more than happy to! This is a service not all Maldon removal companies offer, and is designed to help simplify the office / house clearance process so you can worry about more important things! At Wills Removals, we aim to make moving property as easy and stress-free as possible...

Contact the friendly team at the Maldon area’s premier removal company, Wills Removals, on 01376 502 982. We offer a full range of services including office and house clearance.

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