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Wills Removals, an established removal company located in Witham, covers the nearby Witham area. From a small-scale house clearance to complete commercial relocations, we compete well against other removal companies and man and van service providers in the region by making the customer a priority. We know that removals are more stressful for some of our Witham customers than others, particularly those in their senior years.


No matter where they plan to move to, customers in the golden years of their lives sometimes need a little more help with removals than those of a younger age. Even a small house clearance in Witham presents a bigger challenge for somebody who isn’t as mobile as they once were. This is where good removal companies are worth their weight in gold.


The Organisation


Sometimes, it’s the organisational side of things that makes removals and house clearances more difficult for senior customers in Witham and Essex. A reputable removal company or man and van service provider helps seniors to prepare for relocations with plenty of time to spare, and will even assist with the packing to make life a little bit easier. It can be very reassuring for an older person to know that everything is organised and ready to go.


Even those who still like to organise things personally can benefit from the advice of removal companies and help with the finer intricacies of moving to a new home later in life.




In our role as a removal company for the Witham area, we encounter seniors who know a move is the right thing, but who also have strong emotional attachments to the homes they currently live in. We find one of the best ways to make seniors feel more comfortable with a relocation is to actively involve them in removals and house clearances. This gives them something new to think about and even raises a certain level of excitement about the move.


Like all good removal companies, we build everything around good communication and choice. Even the option of using a man and van service to make the experience seem more personal is an act of involvement that helps our senior customers in the Witham area.


Friends and Relatives


Older people feel more comfortable with familiarity and, while we happen to be one of the friendliest removal companies to cover Witham and Essex, we realise that removals and house clearances become less imposing for seniors when friends or relatives get involved. While our removal company will never ask you to lift boxes or load the van, we can still use you to provide reassurance for our senior customers while our team goes about its work.


Having somebody familiar nearby often proves to be a great help, and it also helps us to handle house clearances and removals without undue stress and disruption.


Other Considerations for Removals


At Wills Removals, we also recommend that friends and relatives get involved at the earliest stages – particularly when it comes to the sorting and organising:


Seniors in Witham and Essex place a strong sentimental value on keepsakes so if you can help them to put these important belongings in boxes and mark them clearly ahead of removals and house clearances, it reduces some of the stress they’ll experience. It also helps the removal company or man and van service provider to keep a track on where these belongings are.


A great idea is to take pictures of the current home layout. In doing so, you can print off a few pictures to give to the team at Wills Removals. A handful of photographs or printouts help removal companies to lay out furniture in a similar way after a move from Witham to a new property, and this helps seniors to settle into their new surroundings much sooner.


It isn’t always the best idea to try and save money by handling removals and house clearances for seniors on your own. In our experience, we find that older people in Witham and Essex feel much more reassured with a professional removals or man and van service. Using a removal company also frees up your own time to spend with older members of the family during a relocation.

To discuss a house clearance or relocation with a reliable removal company covering the Witham area, call Wills Removals on 01376 502982.

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